Best Adults Tricycle For Seniors

Looking To Buy The Best Adult Tricycle?

Top Picks According To Your Needs

1> Best For Seniors: 26″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle at Amazon
2> Affordable: Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Speed Trike at Amazon
3> Best Durable: Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle at Amazon
4> Best comfortable: Mantic Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle at Amazon
5> Economical: 26″ KENT ALAMEDA ADULT TRICYCLE at Amazon

Adults, seniors and those suffering from bad knee or leg injuries need to get the best tricycle to maintain their independence.

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself from doing the things that you wanted to do like exercise, shopping or going to work.

Doing such activities keeps you or your grown-ups healthy physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

So, an adult tricycle plays an important role in the mobility of adults and seniors.

That said, I have carefully selected a few best-selling and top-rated trikes to help you pick the right adult tricycle for adults and seniors.

Let’s find out the best adult tricycle for you.

Best Adult Tricycle For Seniors 2021

Adult tricycles are designed to not put heavy stress on your body but they do make you sweat, which is good for your health.

The continual daily inactivity results in body parts and joints stiffened and swollen. Adult Tricycles not only rejuvenate those parts but also improve your body.

Once you are riding a tricycle, you are not only energizing your tired and aching muscles but you also get fresh air and life-saving sunlight.

Let’s get started with the best adult tricycle reviews to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Our Choice Best Adult tricycles for Seniors

1- 26″ Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – Best Selling Tricycle

26" Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle


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Schwinn is a well-known brand known for making all kinds of bicycles and they are leading the market for best adult trikes as well.

The Meridian trike comes with amazing features like super low standover an aluminum frame to provide step-through access for everyone, including those who are shorter in length.

Key Features:

  • Single-speed
  • Classic low stand, aluminum step-through frame
  • Front rear fenders
  • Wheels have stainless spokes for added durability
  • Rear hand brake and front linear pull brake
  • Extra-large spring cruiser saddle
  • Wide, sweptback upright handlebars
  • A huge basket to store outdoor items

The Schwinn Meridian is a simple, easy to use, single-speed tricycle which is suitable for both beginners and elders.

Furthermore, it has wide handlebars that keep you in an upright position while making you comfortable on the padded saddle. You can adjust the height of the saddle as it’s fully adjustable.

The lightweight aluminum frame and the alloy rims play an important role in making the ride smooth without any effort.

The best part?

It comes with a rear-folding basket which is large enough to carry whatever gear you need.

You can use this trike for a leisurely picnic or while shopping for groceries at your local store. The mudguards are designed to keep you protected from dirty water and loose gravel.

Last but not least, the biggest wheels of this trike feel like you are hovering.

Overall this is a stunning looker trike by most trusted brand to use for elderly and newbies. If you are looking for a trike to get a stable ride without straining your back, Meridian is the most recommended option for you in a reasonable price tag compared to other trikes.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large basket helps carry a lot of stuff
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Superbly functional brakes
  • The fenders are flimsy
  • Not suitable for hills

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Our Second Choice: Best Affordable tricycle for Adults

2- Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Speed Trike

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Speed Trike

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The Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3 Speed Trike is a traditional cruise bike that can help you take a neighborhood ride or visit a grocery store.

The real problem with most of the cruiser bikes is that they topple and cause injuries due to falls caused by toppling over. But, Raleigh trike is free from this problem completely.

Key Features:

  • Steel step-through frame
  • Alloy brake lever for safety and security of the trike
  • Alloy-rimmed wheels
  • Comfortable saddle seat
  • A pro palm handlebar grip
  • Available in blue and brown color
  • The rear metal basket with a capacity of 45 pounds

If you have a height between 5-6 feet, this trike is a great choice for you. Furthermore, it allows you to use a 3-speed internally-geared pivot to go over the bumpy roads which ultimately minimizes the maintenance cost.

Similarly, the locking brake lever can be used for security purposes when you are planning to pack the bike.

As mentioned earlier, it’s safe and either you live in a congested city street or in residential areas this trike is going to get you out of the traffic jams, thanks to the narrow back wheels. Furthermore, the responsive brakes are helpful to gain control over the trike.

The ride is completely stable with 24″ front wheel and 20″ back wheels. Again, the narrow back make allows you to move the trike through your home doors if you don’t have a garage.

What makes the ride comfortable on this trike is the huge padded comfort tractor spring saddle.

Finally, the rear metal basket allows you to carry your stuff with you. It’s built of rust-free material and has a capacity of 45 pounds.

Overall, Raleigh is an excellent adult tricycle that allows you to zoom around town with fantastic speed. The padded saddle makes the ride comfortable, and high-tensile steel frame construction makes it durable. Plus, the alloy hubs and rims are designed to withstand bumps and road obstacles.

  • Stable design with 3-wheel speed gear
  • Durable frame built with steel
  • Rear basket helps to carry goods and groceries
  • Not easy to assemble

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Most Durable Adult Tricycle for Adults

3- Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle


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Here we have another great tricycle by the most trusted brand Schwinn. The Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle is suitable for your neighborhood rides, picnic, and daily routines.

Key Features:

  • A classic low aluminum frame
  • Single-speed bike
  • Cruiser-style full wrap fenders
  • Innovative swept-back handlebars
  • The 24″ wheels have lightweight and durable alloy rims
  • A rear collapsible basket
  • Mechanical rim brake style for more control
  • Unsurpassed stability

The low stand-over frame made of aluminum is lightweight but heavy-duty. It has innovative swept back handlebars which makes it easy to handle the trike. The biggest advantage of these handlebars is that you don’t have to stretch forward to reach the handlebars, which ultimately reduces the risk of suffering from shoulder or back pain.

The completely adjustable spring comfortable saddle makes the ride relaxing and can be used by both short and tall people. The seat is large enough that it’s suitable for both male and female structure.

Furthermore, the inclusion of 2 rear reflectors on each of the 2 fenders are helpful the or security of the website, particularly when riding at night.

Additionally, Schwinn 24″ comes with a large collapsible wire basket which is wide enough to hold a lot of goods/groceries.

The 24″ wheels are powerful and make the ride smooth on different terrains, thanks to the high-quality and lightweight alloy rims.

If you happen to get caught in a little rain then don’t fret because the mudguards are specially designed allowing you to drive through wet pavements without getting splash back.

The trike measures 31 x 11 x 51 which makes it stable for riding and easy for parking.

And finally, the plastic pedals provide a tight grip to your feet when cycling.

Overall, Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle is an outstanding trike with innovative handlebars which not only makes it suitable for adult or even a child in the 9-12 age range but also makes it comfortable without stretching your body to reach handlebars. A handful of features and the brand’s trust makes it an ideal choice for adults and kids as well.

  • Durable frame built with aluminum
  • Ally rims assure durability and extra strength
  • Convenient smooth riding experience
  • The handlebars are designed to maintain an upright posture, avoiding fatigue and muscle pain
  • Those suffering from back issues, Schwinn 24″ offers a light physical activity for your back
  • Single speed can be difficult on bumpy and hilly roads
  • Constant opening and collapsing can spoil the basket quickly

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Most Affordable Adult Tricycle for Adults

4- Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

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The Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle is meant for those worried about riding a bike without a struggle in carrying a big tricycle.

Key Features:

  • Foldable steel frame with a steel suspension fork
  • The 20″ wheels have aluminum rims and white Kenda tires
  • Single speed bike
  • Alloy linear brake for front wheel Plus parking brakes
  • The saddle is built with vinyl, foam, and spring for enhanced comfort
  • A reasonably large steel plastic rear basket, front fender, and a bell for retro style

The great feature of this trike is that it’s fordable, which means this compact trike can be transported easily anywhere. By the way, the majority of people prefer foldable bikes for seniors or kids because they are easy to carry around.

The mantis comes with an affordable price tag allowing your kid or the kid inside grown-ups to enjoy the comfortable tricycle without breaking the bank.

Majority of the trikes have a wider front wheel and narrower back wheels, but Mantis has all the wheels of the same size of 20″ which are impervious to toppling.

The fully adjustable saddle is movable as well, allowing you to adjust direction and height at the same time. It’s completely padded which make the ride comfortable even if you are riding for hours.

The best part about this bike is the hydraulic rim brakes, a strong steel frame which is lightweight as well, and responsive linear pull brakes.

Furthermore, the rear basket with steel plastic coating is large enough to carry larger stuff.

Finally, the trike is suitable for flat places, flat grounds but no hills. Although the tires are designed to soften road bumps still it’s better to use it for balanced ground.

Overall, Mantic is compact trike with collapsable design making it easy to transport anywhere and store in your room or the garage. The padded seat gives a comfortable worry-free ride and the platform is ideal for long and short rides. That said, Mantis is an inexpensive and unrivaled option to choose.

  • Foldable design makes it easy to transport and store
  • A huge rear basket keep your cargo safely tucked away
  • The low-cut frame allows shorter or taller persons to get on and off easily
  • More suitable for shorter rides
  • Hard to assemble
  • The pivotal seat can be troublesome for some people

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Best EconomicalAdult Tricycle for Adults

5- 26″ Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle

26″ Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle

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The 26″ Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle is three-wheeled craftsmanship that allows you cruising confidently around town.

This trike is ideal for those who are starting to learn how to ride a bike. The stability and balance this trike provide a magnificent ride and that’s why people are magnetically attracted toward this adult tricycle.

Key Features:

  • The aluminum frame is lightweight and heavy-duty
  • A rear suspension with rear handbrakes makes it safer to ride
  • Comes with cruiser handlebar
  • A 26″ wheel with alloy rims makes the ride more stable
  • A single-speed gear allows you to ride smoothly in flat areas
  • Comes with Revo 7 speed shifter

The lightweight frame built with aluminum is strong, durable and capable to support up even up to 200 lbs comfortably.

Furthermore, the trike is helpful in exercising; it’s the comfortable seat and back support eliminates the chances of back or shoulder pain. The front rear brakes are responsive enough that you feel secure while riding the trike.

Overall, Kent Alameda is a best entry-level trike which can be used for kids to take school rides while using the rear basket for storing your school essentials as well as for adults to learn how to ride a bike. It’s meant for safety, stability and comfort and worth spending your money.

  • The seat is large enough to fit for both male and female structure
  • The 3-wheel mechanism makes it stable
  • You can accessorize the trike if you want to.
  • It’s shorter size can make it difficult for you to see only a few vehicles ahead, not more than that.

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6- Ridgeyard 24″ 6 Speed 3 Wheel Tricycle

Ridgeyard 24″ 6 Speed 3 Wheel Tricycle

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The Ridgeyard 24″ 6 Speed 3 Wheel Tricycle is a beautiful yet comfortable trike. You get a stable ride with 3 wheels, and the tensile frame is lightweight but strong enough to support 300lbs.

Key Features:

  • The padded saddle provides comfort by absorbing shocks on bumpy roads
  • The upright handlebar helps to maintain an upright posture
  • A backrest is helpful to maintain your posture
  • Shorter or taller people can adjust the platform for their requirements
  • Foldable basket makes a convenient ride
  • The low profile stand makes it easy to hop on and off

The front and rear fenders are helpful in all-weather condition. The chrome handlebar of 13×13 provides a firm hand grip. The upright handlebar maintains your posture upright together with the help of the backrest to balance.

It has a large, padded spring cruiser which is comfortable enough that it absorbs bumps and completely adjustable allowing short or tall people to adjust according to their height.

The 24×1.75×36 wheels make the ride smooth, thanks to rustproof alloy rims. Similarly, the full wrap fenders keep you safe, clean and dry from the dirt roads.

This trike also comes with a rear basket which is helpful to carry your stuff instead of grabbing it in your hand.

Overall, Ridgeyard Tricycle is a great option for inexperienced riders because it’s easy to use. THe 6-speed gear allows you to ride the bike even on hilly or bumpy roads without putting much pressure on pedaling. The reflecting strip provides security for trike if you happen to ride at night.

  • The large padded saddle is highly adjustable and comfortable
  • Stable ride
  • The foldable basket gives the flexibility to store goods
  • You need a professional to assemble this trike

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7- Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle

Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle

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The brightly colored Iglobalbuy is a cheap price trike that is much cheaper than the leading brands. It has 24-inch wheels with strong ally rims and stainless-steel spokes of high quality. You get complete control over the trike, thanks to the linear brakes and rear hand brakes.

Key Features:

  • The carbon steel step-through frame is durable and sturdy
  • The 24″ wheels with alloy rim are long lasting
  • The large padded saddle makes the ride comfortable
  • A 6-speed gear changing system is suitable for all terrains
  • A large foldable basket is useful to carry goods and groceries

The step-through frame is designed with high carbon steel and the adjustable handlebars make this trike useful even for shorter people. The padded saddle measure 13×13 and makes the ride comfortable for all terrains.

It’s suitable for mountain and hill cycling because it comes with 6-speed gears which ultimately makes it suitable for different kind of terrains.

Overall, Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle is an ideal choice if you want to go to a picnic and want to take your belongings like food or groceries with your in the sturdy rear folding basket.

  • The frame is durable and sturdy
  • The padded saddle is comfortable and adjustable
  • Comes with 5-year warranty
  • Cheap price tag
  • Comfortable saddle helps to soften bumps.
  • Suitale for newbie and amateur rider
  • Difficult to assemble

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8- Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

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The Komodo Cycling 24″ 6-Speed Adult Tricycle features a smaller frame and extra-large folding basket. The comfortable seating with comfy springer makes the petite rider enjoy the ride.

The Komodo comes with high-quality Shimano components because Shimano is a major supplier of components.

This trike is used by professional level bike racing teams and can easily accommodate bulky riders.

It’s more suitable for those recovering from injuries, joint or knee problems and provides comfortable mobility.

The padded platform is fully adjustable and gives unlimited seat height adjustment making the ride smoothest and comfortable.

  • Comfortable saddle
  • Durable frame
  • Large basket
  • Not easy to assemble

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9- Worksman Wide Tracking Adult Trike

Worksman Wide Tracking Adult Trike

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The Worksman Wide Tracking Adult Trike is an excellent adult-sized tricycle that looks like a kid’s bike.

The best part about this trike is that it provides a therapeutic experience. You gain complete control over the motion of the bike because the pedals are connected with front wheels. The trike provides an unsurpassed level of stability and to stop the bike simply move the pedals reverse.

Being the most stable and comfortable devices, it’s an ideal choice for special needs children. The saddle is a wide and thickly padded cruiser and the upright handlebars are helpful to gain comfort while riding the bike, so no compromise on the comfort.

Overall, this trike is ideal for short distance controlled environments.

  • Much stable due to a low center of gravity
  • Suits both shorter cycles and those short of space
  • Fits easily on most trunk mounted cars and racks
  • Easy to transport in a minivan or a station wagon
  • Comfortable seating system
  • Suitable for specialized training and therapy exercise
  • Superior comfort
  • No cons right now

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10- Mobo Triton Adult Tricycle Cruiser

Mobo Triton Adult Tricycle Cruiser

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The Mobo Triton Adult Tricycle Cruiser is best for novice and well-trained riders. It’s quite lightweight and easy to use. This stunning trike comes with all the features one can wish for. Talking of features it has a low rugged chassis, a dual joystick system, and a free-wheel mechanism.

The Mobo delivers superior maneuverability and enhances hand-eye coordination providing you high-quality experience either you are an amateur or a skilled rider. The ergonomic recumbent seating is elegant and helpful to reduce pressure on your back.

The Mobo provides exceptional stability for cyclists, and you can ride on the beach, workouts, specialized training and therapy exercises, thanks to the low center of gravity.

Furthermore, Mobo increases arm and leg muscle strength and the steering system has a cardiovascular function.

  • Stable design with 3-wheel speed gear
  • Durable frame built with steel
  • Rear basket helps to carry goods and groceries
  • Not easy to assemble

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Adult Tricycle Buying Guide

Due to physical inactivity, more than 2 million deaths happen around the world among older citizens says the World Health Organization. But one hour of physical activity on a tricycle on a consistent basis greatly reduces the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Choosing the right adult tricycle highly depends on your current physical limitations if any. There are different models and styles of tricycle available in the market based on personal preference and riding style.

Types of Adult Tricycles

Following are the types of adult tricycles.

Recumbent Tricycles 

Recumbent tricycles have stretched-out frames and low profile design that makes reclining position easily. On this trike, your legs are positioned in front of you, so you get greater back support with better positioning and speed control. Typically, there’s one larger wheel in front for steering in most of the recumbent style trikes and two wheels at the rear for stability.

Semi-Recumbent Tricycles 

The Semi-Recumbent trike is a combination of a recumbent and standard model. These trikes are higher from the ground and are easier to pedal. Those struggling with Recumbent trike pedals can get comfortable experience with the semi-recumbent trike and a very noticeable reduction in pedal resistance.

Upright Tricycles 

Upright adult tricycle is useful if you want to roam in your neighborhood. Riders on Upright trikes are usually seated in an upright position. These trikes come with a rear cargo basket and have one to three speeds. Furthermore, they are economically-priced if you are on a limited budget and want to be independent. Having this trike you can get your daily tasks done, with emphasis placed on rider safety.

Electric Tricycles 

Electric trikes are built for those who want the freedom of not even touching the pedals. Call them electric or hybrid, an electric motor in these trikes works instead of pedals, allowing you to take a break from pedaling. Compared to manually-operated trikes, electrically-drives trikes are more expensive.

Folding Tricycles 

Folding tricycles are useful for active adults who are always on the go. If you are moving constantly and have limited storage space, foldable trikes are helpful and can easily fit in your car trunk so you can take them where you want to. They are not only portable but lightweight that you can easily carry or take them anywhere you like.

Features of Adult Tricycles


Typically, trikes have rim-activated brakes, like a two-wheel bike braking function. With handlebar-mounted control levers, the force which is applied on cable tension pulls specialized discs from inside as well as outside of the rim, which in return reduces speed. You may also see hydraulic or disc brakes in some higher-end trikes but that also increased the price of the trike.


Mostly drivetrain is chain-driven. Following the speeds of a tricycle, a derailleur change speeds efficiently and effectively. For semi-reclining recumbent tricycles, your legs provide drivetrains.


Tricycles share similar handlebar design like two-wheel bikes or knee walkers. But model to model, they can be curved or looping. Recumbent trikes lack handlebars instead single steering or joystick is used for controlling the trike which is located in the center of the frame or controlling handlebars mounted on each side of the rider at a comfortable level.


Upright trike comes with the comfortable padded saddle. The unique design of the seat allows the rider to put both feet on the ground while stopping and eliminates the fear of tipping over. Recumbent bikes come with sling-style nylon padded saddle for superior back support.


Shifters are located within easy reach of the adult sitting on the trike, depending upon the model and style of a tricycle. Most of the time in level configuration, shifting an adult tricycle finishes in a single smooth motion without losing focus on the road. The shifting mechanism placement totally depends on the manufacturer.


The type of gear may vary from bike to bike. If you happen to live in areas with steep inclines, it’s essential to get proper gearing to get improved riding performance. There is a large number of gear ratios available, proper gearing is helpful for climbing steep inclines and smaller hills for your extended efforts.

Frame material

The frame material matters a lot for a trike and almost every trike available at this point is built with high-grade aluminum. The aluminum frames are lightweight and durable with rust-free exteriors. Upright trikes happen to use tubular frames for the highest degree. Recumbent trikes have adjustable frames to accommodate shorter or larger riders.


Honestly, the list of accessories can be virtually endless. Most common accessories of trikes are security locks and GPS technology. You can customize your trike according to your imagination to make it more fun and safe plus memorable.


Adult trikes have varying speeds for different riding styles. From three to 21 speeds, choosing the right speed for your trike highly influence the performance you expect from the trike. From straight flat terrain to climbing hills, having desired speeds are always good.

Adult tricycle FAQs are an excellent reference for those who are thinking about making the transition from bicycles or are hesitant to ride a bike for any number of reasons.

It may be that you like to ride but aren’t as young as you were or have problems with balance or flexibility. It may be that you gave up riding a bike because of sore butt, hands, or back. Many of these issues are addressed by adult tricycles but you may still have unanswered questions.

In any case you are not alone and you don’t have to “fly blind” or risk making a poor selection.

Here are some of the questions that others have asked that should be a big help.

Adult Tricycle RFQs

How safe are tricycles to ride?

  • They are safer than bicycles in many respects. They have a much more stable platform so balance is not an issue. You can ride as slow as you like with no problem. The low step through design makes it easier to mount and dismount.

Do tricycles ride like bicycles?

  • The ride is similar but better in some respects since some are equipped with back rests for additional comfort and support.

Do tricycles handle like a bicycle?

  • In most respects yes although you can’t lean into a turn or shift your body weight to turn as you can on a bike. But it takes very little practice to get the feel of the ride.

Are tricycles easier on the hands, back, and butt than bicycles?

  • Yes many tricycles have wider saddles and back rests plus the rider has very little pressure on their hands just by virtue of the upright riding position. Recumbent tricycles are especially kind to body parts.

Are they heavier than a bike?

  • They are heavier just by virtue of the additional wheel and the frames are more rugged than bikes and are usually chromemoly steel rather than the aluminum, titanium, or exotic materials on some bikes. The weighs are always shown in the specs.

Do adult tricycles come in different sizes?

  • Absolutely but be sure to check the manufacturers specs for inseam length, height, and weight limits.

Can I ride a tricycle on hilly terrain?

  • Most trikes are best ridden on rather flat roads but many have multiple speed shifting to assist in climbing hills. This is especially true of recumbent tricycles which handle hills much like a bicycle.

Are there tricycles for plus sized adults over 250 lbs?

  • Heavy duty adult tricycles are available for riders 400 lbs plus.

Do tricycles use components that are readily available?

  • Wear components like tires, tubes, chains etc are available in any bike shop although chains are best replaced by a bike shop.

When riding on roads are trikes usually visible to drivers?

  • Most upright tricycles are just as visible as bikes but recumbent tricycles usually come with a flag for increased visibility.

Can I transport a tricycle?

  • You will need to check the dimensions to see if it will fit in an SUV. Folding trikes usually do. Otherwise you need a special carrier of a pickup truck.

When is a recumbent tricycle a better choice that an upright tricycle?

  • If you have an issue with a sore back or butt on an upright tricycle or if you just like to ride fast and climb hills easier a recumbent trike is a great choice and more fun to ride.

Are tricycles shipped assembled?

  • Not often. The manufacturers usually request that you have them shipped to a local bike shop for assembly but in most cases, there is an allowance built into the ordering process that gives the buyer a rebate to offset the assemble cost.

Q. What is the difference between Adult Tricycles vs Recumbent Trikes?

A. Recumbent trikes are popular for providing back support. Whereas adult trikes have a minor difference in the distance to the ground. Otherwise, adult trikes are ridden normally. While recumbent trikes allow the rider to recline with less intense effort.

Q. How many wheels are there on an adult tricycle?

A. As the name of the tricycles suggests, “tri” means three. So, there are three wheels in a tricycle. Adult trikes have One larger wheel in front and two wheels at the back. The downside of three wheels is that sharp turns are limited.

Q. Are adults required to wear bicycle helmets?

A. While riding a trike, visibility is always a concern. Although it’s recommended to wear helmets it’s a personal preference. For better visibility, you should move slower than the opposing traffic. For more visibility, you can use colored vests and neon flags at the back side of your trike. Due to the popularity of adult tricycles, there’s a separate for bicycle and tricycle traffic in major cities and municipalities.

Q. Does these adult tricycles come assembled?

A. No tricycles don’t come assembled. They can be partially assembled but the majority of them require manual assembly which can be complicated for some consumers.

Q. Are these tricycles easy to ride?

A. Trikes are already stable enough that you don’t need much experience to ride a trike. For learning, you can take your trike to an area that is free of obstacles and debris.

Q. What are the approximate dimensions on a folding upright tricycle?

A. It totally depends on the model you have selected. For a reference, an average folding upright bicycle measures 35″ x 30″ 31″ (Length x wide x deep). If you live in a small household or apartment, the foldable trike is the ideal choice for you.

Final Words

For adults, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce common diseases which are mostly caused by physical inactivity. For that, tricycles happen to be the best option.

If you are a boomer or retired you can ride a three-wheel adult trike to do freewheeling on a recumbent bike.

Those seniors afraid of falling can eliminate the risk virtually due to the style and precision engineering.

That said, it’s time for you to make an informed decision from the quality information given above.

More Information

shed tools for minor adjustments
don’t blush
respect it’s aesthetic values
bolt-type mechanism handles the seating comfort
moving downhill with speed
bouncy and springy seat
riding to the store to get milk and bread, an adult tricycle will get you there and back safely.
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entry level triker to hop
no changing gears
groceries and cargo
newer to the market
stability and utility
groceries, supplies or even pets
seate is spring loaded for shock absorbing comfort
Direct linear pull-V-brakes
bad knees or leg issues
don’t have to bend too much
pedaling will be easier on the joints
low gear for slope
speedy for a little adventure
higher gear to pedal at a faster speed
not good for heavy set individuals
revisit your youth but afraid to try a bike?
enjoying the fresh air and open nature for enjoyment
picnic in the park
nice suspension fork
avoids bumps or potholes and absorb the shock
traditional trike enthusiast
open air like the good old days
reputable brand of gear shifts
sprayed by wet road conditions
adventurous types
more suited for a teenager
little pricier
most desirable features
little more money
lean back and rest your spine, thanks to backrest
heavy duty steel frame
most popular adult tricycle

These cycles are best for you. Get them now.

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