6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear Review 2021

6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear Review 2021
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6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear Review 2021The 6KU Aluminium Fixed Gear road bikes enjoy a rip-roaring success and it’s not hard to see why. To be honest, if you are looking for an enthusiastic road bike that’s comfortable to ride with terrific control, the 6ku is certainly made for you. There is no compromise on the quality of the parts used in its construction. On top of that, this guy has received a hell of a lot of appreciation from the bikers due to the comfortable riding experience it offers.

6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear Review 2021

Alright, just read this 6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear Review to figure out whether you should invest in this bad boy or not. Let’s dive into its features.

Main Features:

6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear ReviewLet’s have a close look at all of its features one by one to find out whether you should invest in it or not. Let’s get on with this:

Incredible Design:

The 6KU aluminum fixed gear road bike has got everything to cater to your needs if you are searching around for an entry-level road bike. It’s available in five different colors including Black, Blue/Black, White/Black, Celeste/Black, and Burgundy Black.

The flamboyant colors on offer will make peoples’ heads spin when you get someone passed by. One of the most interesting things about the 6KU aluminum fixed gear road bike is that it has one of the lowest manufacturing fault rates when compared to other road bikes of the same range.

To further add to your convenience, you have got the option of picking the height and size as per your requirements. That’s handy, isn’t it?

Moreover, the frames are built using 6061-aluminum alloy and the very same things make the bike super light and great for traveling around. When it comes to the bars, the Riser Bars have replaced the Drop bars. The 6KU aluminum fixed gear road bike has got some of the sizzling features as the stainless steel dropouts can be replaced while the smooth welds have been used for the aluminum constructions thoroughly.

As far as the size is taken into consideration, the 6KU aluminum fixed gear road bike is equipped with a built-in headset that computes 1 and ⅛-inches coupled with the sealed rear bracket measuring 68mm x 103mm. Added to that, the chainring has been made using 3 D forged alloys and it measures around 48mm x 170mm.

Super Comfortable to Ride:

Well, the list of the top road bikes out there in the market would be incomplete without including the big boy, the 6KU aluminum fixed gear road bike because of the comfort it offers to the riders. A sharp head tube angle permits you to rapidly sway towards the right and the bike makes the response in no time. With that, the befitting set of the pedal allows you to mount and dismount easily.

If we spend a moment just talking about the saddle, it’s designed using synthetic leather, super comfy, and accompanied by a 48/16 gear ratio. The 6ku road bike comes with 28c tires. Thanks to these tires, this road bike offers a sensational gip when you ride on different tracks. Overall, everything component is carefully utilized keeping in view the comfort of the rider. Whoa!


The 6ku’s drive train indubitably does a great job and that’s something it has been in limelight for. The sealed cartridge rear hub is manufactured by Novatec and it allows the rider to enjoy a hassle-free riding experience by stopping the moisture and dirt from getting inside. As the case with most of the road bikes in the market, the 6ku’s hub can be turned all the way around for freewheel riding when you need it.

The best part of the drivetrain is a 3D forged alloy 46T crank that makes use of a very productive 46:16 gear ration giving the 6ku much more top-end speed which is quite beneficial when you are up for longer rides.

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The stopping power is incredible too as both the front and back brakes are implemented carefully. All the aforementioned things make the bike stand out from the crowd when it comes to dense urban area rides and easy on the eye speed control in accidental situations along the way. You can easily pull out the brakes if required.

Rear Brakes:

Having said earlier, the brakes can be unfastened easily at any time as this road bike can easily be split up into parts. It becomes necessary to detach front and rear brakes in case you wish to transport the bike. Be that as it may, it’s super easy to unfasten the brakes.

Aluminum Parts:

The use of materials is very crucial when it comes to the durability of the components and that’s something we all care about. As said earlier, the aluminum frame is highly durable and able to cope up with any hurdles along the way. No only frame, but all the aluminum components provide utter reliability and sturdiness to your bike. All these components will make your 6ku last for a long period of time.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we can make the case that the 6ku is definitely deserved a look-see if your priority is comfort and quality at an affordable price. It has got everything to be called a great road bike available in the market. We’d go in favor of its looks as well. Pick out any color or terrain and it looks amazing and will perform incredibly all the way.

Having said that, it will perform on any kind of terrain as you have everything to control it in a way you want. The handling is superb and the pedal efficiency is amazing. You should definitely invest in the 6ku Aluminium Fixed Gear road bike if you are wanting an entry-level road bike within a reasonable budget. So, what do you think about this bad boy now?

  • Reasonable price
  • Accessible in several colors and sizes
  • Amazing Kenda tires for perfect handling
  • Less weight
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Looks are even stylish
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Plastic-made pedals
  • Narrow handlebar

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