When you paddle towards a recreational spot or workplace, it’s a great daily workout as it tones your body. However, those living in moist regions know the trouble of soaking in the rain while riding/biking. If you don’t have a waterproof cycling jacket, you’ll get drenched, and that might ruin the fun of your adventures.

However, with the availability of all these amazing waterproof cycling jackets, everyone can enjoy their daily commutes without worrying about the drizzle. Since waterproof fabrics have impressively upgraded through the years, one can stay dry and ventilated simultaneously with a good waterproof cycling jacket on.

Today, I am here with the best waterproof cycling jackets for 2020 that will make your bike rides more fun in the cold, humid weather. These jackets were shortlisted after detailed research to give you the best bang for your buck. So, keep reading my guide on the best cycling jackets and find yourself a reliable piece without any further ado.

Our top picks as the best waterproof cycling jackets:

When we talk about breathable and waterproof fabric, Gore-Tex is the first brand that pops up because of its long-standing history.

Since 1976, Gore-Tex is experimenting with waterproof materials that have helped endless adventures by now.

This Gore C3 GTX active jacket is one of the latest additions in their product list specially designed for cyclists.

When you have to cover a long distance on your cycle, heading out without a reliable waterproof jacket is never wise. Hence, this C3 lightweight jacket is here to help.  gore men jackets

Key features

  • Standard bike cut
  • God for layering
  • Wear-resistant
  • Front and back zipper
  • Machine wash

This waterproof cycling jacket is made from Gore-Tex active technology that repels water and wind simultaneously. If you live in a cold region or cycle when there is a little drizzle in the air, this dual-mode jacket will make your rides easier.

Since most waterproof jackets don’t offer excellent breathability, Gore-Tex took care of it and developed this impressive jacket, which doesn’t suffocate you as you paddle away.

Instead, this C3 jacket keeps your body comfortable and ventilated, eventually making your adventures more fun.

Taking a few accessories with you as travel is also not a problem with this waterproof jacket as it has got front and rear zipper pockets.

If you wear multiple layers of clothes i.e., shirt, sweater etc. this jacket won’t make you feel stiff. In fact, its incredible stretching capacity lets you dress comfortably and still stay away from the downpour.

Waterproof cycling jackets are not needed all the time, and most of us take them out occasionally. That’s why Gore-Tex has made this one an easy-to-carry jacket, which lets you pack light when you travel.

Also, its lightweight construction doesn’t add to your to-carry luggage and offers good portability.

As Gore-Tex C3 jacket has different stretching regions, you can wear it with a backpack on and still enjoy good mobility.

Its standard biker cut always keeps your body warm, and the adjustable cuffs ensure your arms are also well-snug as you paddle away.


  • Adjustable waistband
  • Fully water and windproof
  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Two zipper pockets


Thanks to its stylish cut and 3-layer protection, this one is the best value waterproof cycling jacket for sure.

If you have to face fast blowing wind and downpour when you paddle around, relying on a mediocre jacket doesn’t suffice.

That’s when this ARSUXEO warm up thermal jacket comes to the rescue and gives you the best value for your money.

No worries if you wear multiple clothing layers underneath a waterproof jacket because this one will always keep you comfortable. ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket

Key features

  • 85% polyester, 15% spandex
  • 2 zipper pockets
  • Stretched cuffs
  • Elastic hem

This warm up jacket is designed to give you that rough-tough biker look, which is hard-to-find in other waterproof jackets.

Its sleek fit lets you quickly adjust the waistband and ensure your clothes are dry when you scoot around. Since this jacket has adjustable cuffs and waist, it will perfectly fit your upper body.

This warm up jacket is made from 3 layers of fabric that collectively give a nice, warm effect to your body.

The outermost layer works as a stain and wind repellent, eventually stopping them from affecting your clothes underneath.

The 2nd layer is a waterproof sheet, which stops the moisture that might penetrate the first layer.

And lastly, there is soft fleece, which makes cycling extremely comfortable for you and never lets the winter season stop you from going out.

This jacket is best to keep you dry and warm without limiting your mobility. Since this jacket has 15% spandex, it’s good for stretching your shoulder muscles as you move around.

This stylish stain proof jacket is known for its longevity and impressive performance in drizzling.

You also get longer cuffs for extra coverage that protect your dress and body from cold air. When you have an ARSUXEO jacket on, you’re always warm, comfortable, and ventilated.

It offers good air circulation and doesn’t stop the perspiration process when you cover long distances on your cycle.


  • Impressive mobility
  • Fully breathable
  • Good nighttime visibility
  • Soft fleece layer to keep you warm
  • Comfortable shoulder stretching


If you don’t want to settle for an average-looking cycling jacket, get your hands on this Dinamik thermal cycling jacket right away.

Its slim-fit design gives you confidence and looks amazing on your toned up body as you paddle around. Since most waterproof cycling jackets come in standard sizes, this truly deserved applause for its sleek fit.

This waterproof cycling jacket prepares you to hit the road without worrying about the weather and moisture conditions. Dinamik Men’s Thermal Winter Cycling Jacket

Key features

  • Works well in -5 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Up to 10,000mm water protection
  • Elasticated waist
  • Fit cuffs
  • Self-locking front zipper

This Dinamik jacket is hard from the outside and soft from the inside to provide you with ultimate comfort. If you want to avoid the cold breeze and drizzling without feeling confined in some nylon layer, this jacket is your best bid.

This Dinamik jacket has 3-layer insulation to shelter you from strong wind and water alike.

On the outer side, we have a thin polyester layer that works as a windbreaker and stain repellent of your jacket.

Then there is a thin watertight membrane that doesn’t let any moisture absorb past it and always keeps you dry.

The last layer of this superb insulation is a warm poly fleece layer that beautifully wraps your body and doesn’t let you feel the cold breeze as you move around.

Since cyclists love packing light, this Dinamik jacket offers sufficient space that keeps their valuables safe and handy.

It has 3 handy rear storage pouches that let you carry your essentials along without having to haul a backpack.

Apart from the back pouches, it has 1 zipper pocket on the front where you can tug your phone/wallet etc. while roaming around.

When a cyclist feels confined in his waterproof jacket, he hardly enjoys the ride and never feels free.

Luckily, you get 4-way stretching with a Dinamik jacket that keeps your shoulders, upper body, and lower body comfortable, irrespective of the mobility.

This jacket’s aerodynamic design offers impressive insulation, freedom of movement, and style to keep you going.

There are very few waterproof cycling jackets that offer full value for the money; this Dinamik thermal winter cycling jacket is surely one of them.


  • Triple-layer insulation
  • Firm stand-up collar
  • Reflective elements for visibility
  • Stain-proof material
  • Enough storage space


When you regularly wear a waterproof cycling jacket, its outer layer might fall apart. However, that’s not a problem when you opt for this high-quality Showers pass jacket.

This elite jacket is designed to endure all rough, tough conditions that might come its way without getting effected. Showers Pass Men's Elite 2.1 Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Key features

  • 100% nylon construction
  • Machine wash
  • Double toggle hem cinch
  • Chest and back zippers
  • 3-layered water protection

This jacket is 100% nylon that’s known for its resilience and comfort. No worries if you go cycling daily or your jacket is soaked quite frequently because this one won’t give in.

This jacket is made from Ripstop nylon, which is fully tear-resistant and doesn’t fall apart because of all that soaking.

Apart from being 100% nylon, it has a water repellent outer layer that adds to its durability and ensures that you get the best bang for the buck.

Unlike most nylon jackets, this shower pass article offers incredible breathability and never makes you feel confined.

It has stretching regions that offer good mobility to your muscles and ensure that you enjoy cycling, irrespective of the weather.

Most waterproof jackets come in loose fits and don’t look very impressive when you wear them. However, a Showers pass jacket is meant to make your body look sleek and tugged when you paddle around.

This Showers pass jacket offers a personalized fit so that no one has to settle for a standard size.

When you sweat while cycling, a waterproof cycle doesn’t let that moisture evaporate. But, when you have this Showers pass jacket, you won’t feel any perspiration issues.

Since it comes with a double toggle hem cinch, your body’s core will always be comfortable and well-snug.

You’ll get a big back pocket with a Showers pass waterproof jacket that offers sufficient space for your valuables and removes the need for a backpack altogether.

When you cycle during heavy rainfall, wearing a helmet doesn’t suffice, and you must have an additional layer to shelter your head.

Luckily, a Showers pass waterproof cycling jacket will come with a detachable hood that doesn’t let the air hit reach your head.

This cycling jacket has adjustable cuffs that keep your arms fully covered and sealed at the wrists, eventually preventing moisture and air.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Fully water-repellent
  • Large rear zipper
  • Added audio port
  • Longer arm lengths


  • Expensive

If breathability is your main concern before buying a waterproof cycling jacket, stop right here because this ARSUXEO jacket will solve this issue.

Its impressive ventilation and stretching capacity make it the best choice for frequent cyclists who need something reliable to fight with the unpredictable weather.

No worries, if you head out in heavy rain our mild drizzle, this light and sturdy jacket will ensure you’re always dry and insulated. ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Thermal Fleece Cycling Jacket

Key features

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Windproof front side
  • Reflective logo and stripes
  • Front and rear pockets
  • Fully breathable material

This jacket offers impressive water and stain proofing that lets you enjoy the best value for your money.

Since it’s fully waterproof, you can even bear heavy rain splashes while scooting around and still stay well-sheltered.

Also, this ARSUXEO jacket is windproof from the front, which increases its usability and lets you enjoy cycling in extreme weather conditions without catching a cold.

When your cycling jacket is light and reliable, it becomes a handy buddy for your extreme adventures so that you don’t have to look for an alternative.

When you wear a watertight jacket, it often feels super-warm, and you can’t keep up with it for long. However, an ARSUXEO warm up jacket will ensure your body breathes as you paddle around.

You get 4 stretching regions in this stylish jacket that dry out your sweat and offer good ventilation to your muscles.

This lightweight jacket feels soft and doesn’t feel like a burden above your clothing layers, something hard-to-find in most cycling jackets.

This jacket comes with a reflective logo and side stripes that increase your visibility in the dark, eventually preventing several mishaps.

You’ll get a spacious front zipper pocket and a rear pouch for safe-keeping your essentials as you travel.

Although the back pocket doesn’t have any zipper/Velcro, its elastic closure ensures your valuables don’t fall out of it.

This jacket has a firm collar that adds to your personality so that you don’t look sloppy with a waterproof layer on. Instead, it looks sleek on every body type.


  • High-neck style for added comfort
  • Good storage space
  • Best for mobility
  • Keeps you ventilated
  • Padded inner layer


When compactness and durability are checked to judge a waterproof cycling jacket, this one surely beats all others.

Its impressive portability and resilience make it the top choice for pro cyclists who cover miles’ distances daily.

No worries if you’ve planned cycling in a downpouring region because this cycle will ensure you enjoy every bit of your activities.Donkey Andy Men’s Waterproof Cycling Bike Jacket

Key features

  • 100% nylon
  • Front zipper
  • Reflective materials
  • Fully sealed
  • Windproof construction

This little donkey Andy cycling jacket is made from 100% nylon, which is fully wear and weather resistant.

If your cycling activities are planned in a very moist region, you must get a jacket that doesn’t fall apart after the regular downpour. Luckily, this little donkey Andy jacket is made to bear all roughness it might face.

This jacket has a water resistance capacity of up to 5000mm downpour, which is impressive given its price range.

Little donkey Andy jacket has 2.5 layers of waterproof material that never let any trace of moisture enter inside.

Want to know the best part about this jacket?

Well, it’s this jacket’s self-packing ability that saves you from a good amount of hassle on the way.

When you turn your little donkey jacket backward and tug it into the pocket, it converts into a small bag that can be further secured with closing the rear pocket’s zipper.

This impressive portability makes it the best choice for frequent travellers who seek something dependable for their long journeys.

Also, when you have this jacket on, its weight doesn’t even feel, and you can comfortably haul it around.

However, being super thin and light doesn’t mean this jacket is any less in durability. Instead, it’s one of the best for heavy downpours and constant splashing.

When you are in a cold region, this well-insulated jacket keeps your upper body fully covered and warm.

Another unique feature of this jacket is its opening back vent, which lets you quickly increase breathability. When you sweat, open this vent and make your body comfortable without taking the jacket off.


  • Fully sealed seams
  • Ultra-light and packable
  • Back air vents
  • Large back pocket
  • Leak-free designs


  • Nylon feels noisy as you move

Buying guide for a waterproof cycling jacket 

Now that we know the top available options you can avail, it’s time to shortlist one depending upon your requirements. Multiple factors determine the usage and suitability of a waterproof cycling jacket, which you must consider before buying one.

Let’s discuss the most important aspects of a waterproof cycling jacket before we conclude.

  • Breathability

Whether or not your body receives good breathability with a waterproof jacket on determines how far it supports you. If you get a high-quality cycling jacket that doesn’t offer excellent ventilation to your body, it won’t serve the purpose right.

But, if your waterproof jacket doesn’t suffocate your body and dries off your sweat when needed, it’s the best bet. That’s why always check if the jacket in question provides ventilation or not.

Mostly, the breathability factor depends upon the material of a jacket. If it’s spandex or polyester, you’ll get proper ventilation. But if a jacket is made from nylon, it must have additional vents to go by because without them, you can’t breathe.

If a waterproof jacket has stretching regions and vents, it proves to be a long-term investment in your gadget.

  • Weight 

When a cyclist has to travel daily/frequently, he must make sure his jacket is light and sturdy. Heavy jackets become a liability in the long run and are hard to pack. When you select a waterproof jacket for cycling, check its weight and always prefer lighter options.

Most high-quality waterproof cycling jackets are light yet resilient, making them an ideal choice for passionate cyclists.

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  • Pockets 

Although most cyclists don’t consider this aspect, it proves to be impactful. If you’re a daily commuter, you most probably carry some essentials with you. When you have storage pockets in a cycling jacket, it frees you from hauling a backpack and making exercise/recreation more enjoyable.

  • Durability  

If a cycling jacket starts flaking off after regular usage, it’s simply not worth your money. A waterproof jacket is meant to be durable enough to withstand weather hardships and regular usage.

Most premium-quality cycling jackets offer machine washing and dry cleaning, which shows their durability. Check the hems, stitches, and fabric of a waterproof cycling jacket before spending your money because this will save you from some trouble in the future.

Final words 

Cycling is the best physical activity that strengthens your core and lets you explore the surroundings without tiring you out. However, extreme weather conditions might limit your cycling adventures and force you to avoid some chilly rides.

That’s when waterproof cycling jackets come to the picture and prove to be a helping hand for cyclists. If you live in a humid or cold region, get the best waterproof cycling jacket and show your love for cycling without thinking much.

The above-listed waterproof jackets are known for their durability, strength, and impressive mobility. Shortlist your options according to my buying guide and get the best waterproof cycling jacket before your next mission. Ta-Da!