Bike Safety Tips

Bike riding is a remarkable approach to stay in fine fettle and a progressively admired way to reach your desired destination. While it has all these benefits, it is vital that one follows proper safety precautions to stay safe whilst biking. Here are a few bike safety tips for adults that will definitely prove fruitful:

  1. Grab your helmet: Wearing a helmet doesn’t ensure that you’ll be safe in case of an accident, but going headfirst onto the pavement as opposed to in a helmet doesn’t seem that viable an option.
  2. Buy a neon overall: Odds are against you if you wear black on a bike at night! Buy a fluorescent, brightly lit overall that makes you visible to even the shoddiest of drivers out there. Bike safety tips for adults are getting better!
  3. Keep a track of the weather: Always have a raincheck before you head out (pun intended!) Make sure you’ve got protective clothes, glasses and the likes of such at hand.
  4. Mount rearview mirrors on your handlebars: It might be a death wish if you look back whilst biking, but rearview mirrors can save your life. They show you what’s behind you at all times without having the need to swerve your attention from what’s ahead.
  5. Ditch those headphones: One of the most imperative bike safety tips for adults is to lose earpieces or headphones when on the road. Not only do they meddle with your sense of hearing but also distract you from what’s happening on the road.
  6. Keep your hands on the handlebars: Tom Cruise might look hot while doing stunts on a bike; but you won’t. Keeping both hands on the handlebars will help you keep finer balance as well as allow quicker braking in case there’s a chance of a collision.
  7. Ride with the flow: Riding contrary to traffic makes it practically impractical to make a right turn. More prominently, bikers are more likely to get in a crash when traversing on the left side of the road as drivers incoming seldom look right for onrushing traffic.
  8. Don’t pass on the right: bike safety tips for adults stress on the fact that you never pass on the right. On the infrequent instance that a car before you is moving slower than you are, do not slither past on the right side. The driver might not notice you, and given that they turn right or change lanes as you cross, there may be a deadly collision.
  9. Keep a lookout at intersections: Be watchful at intersections. When slowing down, stay in the left lane so the drivers following and in the lead of you can notice you.

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  10. Specific paths for bikes: Numerous roads nowadays have pathways designated only for bikes. Bike safety tips for adults urge that you drive in these lanes. Not only will you be safe from bigger vehicles, but also have peace of mind whilst biking.
  11. Be super vigilant at high speeds: Don’t have faith in on eye contact to evaluate whether an approaching driver has noticed you. When you’re touring at extraordinary speeds, it’s problematical to tell precisely where an individual is looking. Trust more on a driver’s general conduct whilst driving rather than mere eye movements. If you want someone’s attention, try yelling loudly, waving your hands or gesturing vigorously.
  12. Don’t swap lanes too much: Bikers swapping hither and thither between highway and footway is unlawful for bikers, dangerous for foot-travelers, and perplexing for drivers—particularly at crossings. If you necessarily need to go on the footway or crosswalk for any purpose, get down from the bike and pull it along. These bike safety tips for adults can be life changing.
  13. Light your way, literally: Make sure your front as well as rear light are on specially if you’re biking at night or a cloudy day. While it is mandatory in the law for some states, your lights can be a life saver for you.
  14. Senses: Keep all your senses alert. Lookout for puddles of water or troughs. Make sure you can hear horns and screeches. Be certain that your mind is on the road, not anywhere else.
You might feel that biking is super easy. It is, but you must keep these bike safety tips for adults in mind and on the road to make sure it’s safe as well.