Welcome to Adult Tricycle Guide. We are all about encouraging adults to experience the fun and fitness of tricycle riding. Many adults would like to ride but may be intimidated by a bicycle or have physical limitations that prevent them from riding a two wheeler.

There are a lot of options to traditional tricycles that are often overlooked that may open the door to years of cycling fun and fitness.

Finding the most appropriate tricycle to fit the riders specific wants and needs can be a problem. This is where we can help.

There is an ever-increasing demand for tricycles for mature riders and very little useful information available.

Cycling is proven to be an excellent way to attain and maintain fitness but not everyone is comfortable riding a traditional bicycle. Adult tricycles are a different animal in that they offer a more stable riding platform than a bike. The rider can sit comfortably with both feet on the ground for an occasional rest or to stop and chat with friends and neighbors. Unlike bicycles balance is not an issue so you can ride as slow as you please with no problem.

Bicycle manufacturers are finally realizing that they have been neglecting an important segment of the cycling market and are introducing more styles of tricycles for adults that ever before. Unfortunately, bike shops rarely show any tricycles but our adult tricycle guide can help you zero in on the best match for you with relative ease.

Adult tricycles offer most of the options that bicycles do. They can be as basic as you like or they can be customized to fit your particular wants and needs. Wider seats and seat backs are offered on several models.

 Tricycle Buying Guide 2020

Riding adult tricycle demands a little bit of getting used to it and then it becomes an on-the-go joy for the rider. By using an adult tricycle, you can enjoy the freedom and joy of cycling without having to learn how to balance on a bicycle. Choosing an adult tricycle is fun specially when you know you can have a ride with your feline friend with an ease like never before.

But still, choosing a right thing is a matter of knowledge and consent. Here we are to tell you about little tricky things to surely keep in mind before making a purchase so that the fun stays fun and does not become a pain for you.

There are so many types of trikes according to front or back double wheeling or according to the shape and structure. The best thing is there is a vast variety to choose one best from, that best meets your needs in all aspects.

Examples are recumbent trikes (low grounded), industrial trikes (with hawker facilities), folding trikes (fold up for better portability and storage), Tandem trikes (accommodate 2 people), special need trikes (for special or disabled physical needs), traditional upright trikes (resembles bicycle but with 2 back tires), tadpole trikes (2 wheels in the front) and many more.

Here are some factors to guide you why you should consider a tricycle in your daily life and what kind of positive impact it is going to have on your life.

Let’s get started:

Why Choose A Trike

Amazing Performance:

Depending on the type of trike or tricycle that you are going to choose, under certain conditions, they may even prove to perform better than bikes. Take a low riding recumbent trike (Recumbent tricycles are trikes that let you sit in a laid-back position, just like sitting on a recliner with wheels) and you will definitely see more aerodynamic benefits as compared to regular bikes. Any normal bicycler can tell you how annoying and challenging it is, when you are cycling up a hill and a headwind is coming at you. Being lower to the ground with a recumbent trike, headwinds affect minimizes to many extent.

Storage & Carrying Capacity

If you are a cycle person but you have to do groceries more often or you most often travel with many things that you take from one place to another on daily basis, Tricycle is an important and helping consideration. Trikes will be way easier to bring stuff from around with quite ease and convenience because with a trike, you don’t have to hang the bags on the handle anymore. You’re already balanced on 3 wheels so you’ll likely also have a bigger basket installed on the trike. This is another no-brainer. Be it groceries, supplies, a case of heavy drinks, business deliveries or even pets, a tricycle will always beat a bike in storage and carrying capacities.

 Tricycle Buying Guide 2020


Being three wheelers, Trikes come with built-in stability and you don’t have to worry about balancing anymore. You can cruise down the road, path or trail and not worry about losing your balance on a trike. Hence it is a quite reliable ride for senior citizens and physically week persons. Although, some trike riders think that non-tilting tricycles are more difficult to ride because of something they call the counter-steering effect which is leaning into a turn on a bike. This is more of a matter of just getting used to a new form of transportation. You can count on a trike being stable any day of the week, especially if you’re a beginner.

Special Needs

People of any age and any class with special needs may benefit from certain types of trikes. Trike is a best way to help special need members of the society to get out into the open air without thinking they are dependable or a burden for a second person. It gives them a sense of freedom, strength and confidence which is not less than an asset to have when a person suffers from some physical disability. Many of these tricycles not only come with foot pedals but also synced up hand pedals and therefore are super beneficial if there are any difficulties with coordination. Trikes are a great way to provide people with special needs a way to get exercise too.

Trikes Are Exciting

Let’s admit it, trikes are pretty exciting and refreshing. There are so many varieties out there to choose from that there is a trike for everyone. Tricycles aren’t just for kids. Adults can enjoy the freedom of the open road with the peace of mind of knowing they are stable, balanced and safe in a tricycle. If you’re more on the adventurous side of the spectrum, well there are trikes for you too. You can hit some pretty high speeds on riding a tricycle. Or you can just look cool by choosing an upright traditional tricycle for you. It’s fun and it definitely polishes the brighter side of your personality giving you a dose of positive vibe for day to day activities.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

When choosing the right tricycle for your needs, make sure to go over some of these important points about picking the right adult tricycle.


The mjost important thing before choosing anything for you is definitely is budget. We choose the best possible features, but in our budget. If you’re just getting into triking, an entry level trike would probably be a good option for you. You can find many well rated tricycles in a budget as low as 500$. And no doubt, by adding on the budget, you can add up more convenience and more functionality along with appealing design to your trike. If you’ve already been riding a trike and are looking for an upgrade, you may consider a trike for higher prices. For the best quality and performance, most of the top of the line trikes are at least $1000. It goes up from there. To keep budget in mind, those are the prices you will generally be looking at.

What Are You Using It For

Next obvious question coming in mind before deciding up on a model is, what will you be using your trike for? Perhaps you are a beginner and have never been on a bike and want to try a trike for leisure. Or do you need to get from one place to another on daily basis for deliveries or groceries or stuff like that? How often will you be using the trike? Are you planning on riding long distances or will you be going short distances? Do you want to travel at a slow, steady pace or are you more adventurous and want speed and action? Do you want to have a good workout? Or, do you want to just get out in the open air and let the trike do all the work? These and other factors are things that should definitely be considered when picking the trike that is just ‘the right’ for you.

Who Is Using The Trike?

Another important consideration is, who the trike is for, like a special need person, a sports man, a children or an elderly person etc. I would generally recommend buying a trike for you as a properly determined trike for the main person using it would be the most beneficial. If the person using the trike is very light and short, then it’s important to check the specifications of the trike to make sure that the person can properly fit on it and the design is sturdy to hold on the balance. Perhaps the person is much heavier and needs a higher weight capacity trike. This is also an important consideration. If the trike is for a senior citizen, then a trike with a low pedal and point of entry might be easier on a senior’s knees and legs. Or if the person has any special need like more or maximized back support then you should consider a Recumbent or tadpole trike.


Design is important because it can affect the triker in numerous ways. I would consider design to be a much more important factor for the intermediate to advanced triker as they would have different considerations. Particularly with recumbent trikes, design becomes a much more important factor. You would want to consider things like aerodynamics, center of gravity, turning vectors, braking vectors, and tilting amongst other things. All of these design items will affect the performance and handling of the trike. Whether your goal is speed, distance or maybe you just want the safest ride out there, design considerations are important and it is suggested that if you are considering any of the point stated earlier, do make a detailed conversation with the seller and make sure he satisfies you in your queries because your safety is of much importance.

Materials & Construction

Check the materials and construction of the trike to ensure that it’s constructed from a durable material. You get what you pay for so understand that a cheap adult tricycle may look good but may not be constructed from the best quality materials and can question your safety when you are on roads, in between heavy and speedy vehicles all around. Cheap trikes may or may not be good but you have to sift through some of the reviews to make sure you’re not getting a dud. Ensure that the trike you are buying is a weight that you will be comfortable handling because before and after riding a trike, you still have to park it somewhere and store it and easily be able to access it.


The next important consideration would be the features of the trike and it is based on what you need the trike to do for you. And, weather you are looking for a trike with a large storage basket to hold your groceries or a basket that can handle heavy weights without affecting the balance of the trike. Check the handle bar position and span, also check the quality and make-up of the seat to ensure your comfort. Check what features are adjustable because we come in all shapes and sizes so you want to make sure that you can adjust the seat, handles or any other items on the trike to make you more comfortable.


Trikes come with various gears that decide the ‘speeds’ of the trike that you should consider before buying a trike. If it’s your first time on a trike or even a bike, then a single speed trike may be the most cost effective and practical solution for you. The benefits of speeds are that if you are pedaling up slopes or down slopes then you can adjust your gears. Going up a hill can be challenging in a high gear, so you will want to put it in one of the lowest gears. The thing to consider here is, some people call high gears low but for the sake of this article we are calling the lowest number gears the lowest so that you can understand the concept in a more better way. If you want to gain speed without exerting as much energy, then you will want to put your trike in a higher gear. So determine whether gears and speeds are important to you before choosing a trike.


Here, we are not talking about storage on the trike, but talking about storing your trike! Make sure you have room to store the trike for the winter or off-season or whenever you won’t be using it. The one downside about trikes is that they do take up a bit more space than your average bike so find some room that you can tuck your trike away when you’re not using it. If you’re tight on space, consider getting a folding trike that you could easily store in a more compact environment.

Hope this detailed guide was helpful for you and now you can better picture in your mind about which one you want to be the one best trike for you.

Adult tricycles are more than the standard tricycle beefed up and enlarged to accommodate adults but can be configured in several different ways such as pedal optional, having electric motor assist , and folding trikes for easy storage and transport.

If you are a plus sized rider there are tricycles for you as well with available heavy duty models capable of handling up to 400 lbs. There are recumbent tricycles and semi-recumbents for the more adventuress who like to sit back and grin at higher speeds.

The newer designs are much lighter and stronger then older designs so they can accommodate heavier riders but you should check the manufacture’s specifications. Also there are more gears available for easier pedaling.