Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike Review 2020

Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike is the bike that is perfectly designed in a way that even while cornering, you can keep the bike in a stable position and can keep paddling it. For the racers, this bike is a perfect Gem.

Even people are using it for daily routine commuting too, just because of its higher level of stability, and the best performance. From the fixed gear bike, it has been transformed into an 11-speed road bike.

Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike Review 2021

Our comprehensive yet detailed Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike Review has everything that you may want to know about this Road Bike.

This is neither an affordable bike nor an average bike, every possible advanced feature will amaze you. It deserves every single penny that you are deciding to spend on it. We are surprised by this bike’s features and performance. You’ll be too (after reading this review).

Frame & Style

Before making any final decision, you need to look at the frame. If somehow, you end up choosing the wrong framed bike, then you will regret and will not have anything else to do.

For this Road bike, manufacturer constructed the frame from Columbus triple-butted tubing for keeping its weight lower as much as they can. The lightweight bikes perform far better than any other bikes because they are easy to control. And interestingly, you can easily put it in any other direction instantly to avoid a collision.

The construction of the frame is so solid, that you will be loving to ride on it all the time. Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike is the second name of the durability. Even during a ride, you will not experience any sort of vibration.

The profile of the bike from top to the bottom is similar to other bikes, there is not too much that has been changed in appearance.

The handlebar is appropriately placed, you will have a better sitting position. The interesting thing that they have considered, is its low bottom bracket drop.

Bottom bracket determines either your bike will be stable or not. The higher and lower bottom bracket both have some advantages and disadvantages. But this bike is specifically designed by considering the racers requirements, that’s why they have made it low bottom bracket.

Now, even while paddling during the cornering, you will not fall onto the ground. It provides you the best stability that other bikes can’t do.

Even instead of racing, if you are planning to use it for daily routine commuting, still, it is the best perfect fit. No matter, how long your journey is. You will keep paddling it without getting tired. And can go through any sort of the route. It’s just because of its well-designed and quality frame construction.


Just having a high-speed bike is not only necessary, but the bikes should also have the ability to prevent any accident. The brakes are the component that works for your safety.

Imagine! You are racing, and suddenly another in your front losses the balance of his bike because he doesn’t have Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike, then what would you do?

You will have to slow down the bike and have to change the direction to avoid any collision. But what if you failed to do so, just because of the weaker brakes. You will lose the race.

But if you are on Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike the Campag’s Potenza rim brakes will stop the tires instantly and will allow you to avoid an accident. If you have not heard about these brakes ever before than believe me these brakes are far better than disc brake.

If you know the power of the disc brakes, then you can imagine the strength of these brakes too. After riding it for the first time, you will get to know, what we were talking about.


Italian hand-built wheels are another interesting thing that you will find in this road bike. Campagnolo’s Scirocco wheels with the 22mm diameter and 35mm section alloy rim make it a perfect companion for the racing track.

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From the spoke to the Rim design, everything of its wheel will ask you to fall in love with this bike. These tires are not as expensive as other bike’s tires. But the tires of this bike are not behind from others when it comes to the performance. For the smooth and fast riding, Cinelli Vigorelli is the Road Bike that you must have.

Speed options

Even being the fixed gear bike, it provides the 11-speed options to choose from. Changing the speed while paddling provides you the progressive experience.

Instead of just the freewheel, they incorporated 11-speed options with the fixed gear, to ensure that you will be the only one who will win the race. Although, practicing to use these 11-speed package requires a great effort. Before showing off to the world, you need to practice hard to understand when to use each speed option and when not to.

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Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike is specifically designed for the professional racers and they are performing really well by doing some modification. But because of being an inexpensive professional road bike, many bike lovers are also using it for their daily commuting.

If you want to have the fast-moving steel road bike, that provides the real value for money and makes your journey comfortable and safest, then you must consider Cinelli Vigorelli Road Bike.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Triple Butter tubes make it lightweight
  • Campag Potenza components
  • Campag wheels for best performance
  • Comfortable sitting position
  • Provides value for money
  • None