Eurobike Eurxc550 is the great manufacturing of them and the most prominently the best road bike that you can get without breaking the bank. Eurobike Eurxc550 Review will let you know all about the features, pros, and cons associated with this road bike.

Eurobike Road Bike Eurxc550 Review

Eurobike Road Bike Eurxc550Every Road bike is not for every cyclist. Each model appeals to a specific audience that’s why it’s better to go through the whole detailed review for figuring out whether you should buy it or have to consider any other road bike.


The performance of the bike is relatively stronger and you will not be disappointed after having this bike for making your muscles stronger.

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent features of the Eurobike Road bike EURXC550.


What if you find out your bike broken, after paddling the bike for a few days? Obviously, it will hurt. You don’t want to waste your money on having the bike for the next few days.

The material that has been used in this bike’s construction is made up of steel. The steel frame is making it the most durable bike. No matter how many miles you have traveled on this bike, it will keep moving at the same pace and speed. The steel frame is the guarantee that you are just about to take the risk-free investment.

Along with the material the size and the dimension of the frame are according to the standard. For almost every sort of height individual, it would be the perfect fit. You can easily make your legs reach their resin black paddles after sitting on the seat. Everything is all set you just need to push the paddle to start the journey.


This road bike comes with an Iron racing handlebar and is placed in the perfect position. The handle placement is the most crucial thing in road bikes. They could cause you back pain or can help you to ride with a comfortable posture.

EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 handle is not going to cause any back pain or even not going to mess up with your body posture. You can easily be hunched over the handle and reach it to control the bike. Most importantly, the handle position also helps you to keep it stable even on the rough track.


What would you do with a bike that has adequate speed and comfortable sitting?

Obviously, you will keep pushing it harder and get into the race with the air. That’s where the brakes are crucial and encourage you to get into the race.

The double-disk Aluminum brakes are incorporated in it because the manufacturer also knew that what you are going to do with this road bike. The brakes are stronger enough to stop the tires safely, even at the maximum speed.

You can trust the bike while moving with the speed, it’s Aluminum breaks have the ability to save you from any incident that could happen due to the speedy ride.

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Shifting System:

The most appealing feature that you will find in EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 is the Shifting system. 21 speed Shimano shifting system makes it stand out from the market of road bikes. This shifting system is not easy to find in other brands of road bikes.

21 speed Shimano Shifting feature has been introduced in his model to give you more control over the speed. The speed can be adjusted easily by considering the track you are on to.

Moreover, the 21 speed Shimano shifting system gives birth to another feature of versatility. You can’t limit it to any specific track. It can be used in every sort of track. Whether you are planning to go hiking with the bike or on the simple track, this bike will keep serving you.


The freewheel is another interesting feature. Even if you want to reshape your body or makes your body stronger, still you can’t just push the wheels all the time to keep the bike moving.

Freewheel allows you to give some rest to your legs after pushing the pedal for some time and your bike will still keep moving towards the destination.

Weight Capacity:

The stronger frame makes this road bike bear the weight of around 300 lbs. which is more than enough. We usually can’t find cycling lovers with this weight. You don’t have to worry about the weight it will take you easily to the destination.

For those who weigh more than 300 lbs. this bike will produce some irritating sounds at the start and ultimately can lead to the breakage of the frame.

Who should buy EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550?

The bike has a lot of features to offer but still has some limitations. When we talk about the audience of this road bike, then suddenly the beginners come into find.

Considering the performance and the features, we would like to mention that this will be the perfect fit for beginners. The speed is above average but not satisfying for the professional ones.

If you are just about to start with cycling, then its versatility, ergonomics design, and stability make it the top consideration for you.

At such an amazing price, you can’t find any other road bike that offers such features. It is compelled with every possible feature that you can imagine at an affordable price. The appearance can compete with the premium bike’s appearance. Although, if you are ready to settle down with its heavier body. Then you should not look at any other option.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual Disk Brake
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Shifting System
  • Relatively Heavier