With so many road bikes available in the market these days, it’s really hard to pick out a perfect bike with flabbergasting features. With the quantum advancement in the technology over the years, the road bikes are becoming cheaper but this doesn’t mean there’s any compromise in the quality. In this regard, it’s very important to choose your road bike with utter care so that it allows you to challenge your cycling skills in the years to come without any difficulty along the way.

Eurobike XC7000 Road Bike Review 2021

So, if you are on the lookout for an amazing road bike within a decent budget, we have got one for you. Read this Eurobike XC7000 road bike review and then make a decision whether you should give it a try or not.

Let’s start with the features.

Features of Eurobike XC7000

Design and Frame

All the main components are made from aluminum which means you can expect supreme quality and less weight. With such quality components on the board, the XC 7000 looks more expensive than it really is. If you give it a look-see from some distance, it looks like it may be a carbon road bike due to its aero shaping. But it’s not. Made from aluminum, both the fork and the frame are rigid. Having an aluminum frame under the hood means the bike is cheaper as compared to the bikes which come with the carbon or titanium made frames. It’s durable and won’t disappoint you in any case.

Gear shifters and Brakes

The gear and brake shifters do a great job when the riding comfort is taken into consideration as these are positioned very well. The brakes are handy too being capable of working well even under the high speeds. They are built to give you a controlled and safe riding experience.

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Quality of components

Eurobike XC7000 is presented with a well-balanced quality of components making it one of the great road bikes that actually has got the speed and it’s built to perform on the road. No kidding!

In spite of the fact that it lacks the disk brake pads which most of the modern bikes are presented with, however, it has got the special dual aluminum caliper brake that makes it easy for you to stop the bike without any difficulty. So, the CX 7000 is a complete package when it comes to the quality of the components being used.

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To end, we can make the case that the Eurobike XC 700 is a silver bullet for the riders fixing their gaze on a lightweight road bike. Yes, the weight of the XC70000 is much lighter than the other road bikes of the same range. This also allows you to cover a long distance with ease. The aluminum fork is at your disposal to deal with the vibrations along the way. The entire body has been built using aluminum so you can expect lightweight for sure. Price of this Eurobike is a big edge. With such great features, it is affordable by all class of riders easily. There are plenty of colors on offer including red, white and blue. Everything is great. Whoa!

  • Super lighter aluminum road bike
  • Fast and looks jazzy
  • Amicable seating
  • Thick rim makes it rigid
  • Knocking noise from the pedal crank sometimes
  • It’s trickier to install bigger tires because of less space between the front fork and wheel