Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Cycling is a healthy activity for both genders. It helps in metabolism and smooth line circulation of blood. Moreover, it is an activity that benefits. Today, we will tell you about a bike specially made for women. It is a Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser bicycle. You can call it one best bike from the best women beach cruiser bikes. We have examined Firmstrong cruiser bike reviews and brought you this writing piece. After reading Firmstrong urban lady reviews, you will call Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser as the best piece among women’s beach cruisers. Let’s dive into the detail of the best bike from the best cruiser bikes 2019.

Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser bicycle review 2021

If you are looking for the best beach bikes with gears, then read this review thoroughly.


The design of a bike carries importance throughout the life of a bike. If there are flaws in the design, then the customer does not get the full value against its money. Moreover, the design of a bike determines the stylishness and productivity of a bike.

The design of this bike is different from other retail bikes. This bike is particularly made for women as the physiology of a woman is different from men. That’s why the manufacturer put handles that remain close to the body of the rider. And the seat is placed a little lower. So, the rider can sit comfortably on the bike at a low height.

The curvy handle satisfies the needs of women riders.


The frame is made of tough steel, and it has 26 inches’ overall length. It is a women’s bike. That’s why its frame has different dimensions than a men’s bike. The frame is coated with polymer enamel, which safeguards the metal from rust. And keep the frame from scratches. The other components are joined with the frame in a practical ratio. So, the weight of the rider is placed equally on both sides of the seat.

The seat to handle ratio is different than men’s bike. The length between the handle and seat is smaller than the men’s bike.


The wheels of the bike are always crucial. If wheels are made from low-quality material, then the bike becomes junk in a period of one year. That’s why the wheels of a bike must be made from durable, strong, and high-quality metal.

The wheels of this bike are made from particular alloys, which can withstand 300 pounds’ weight and still revolve without deforming.

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You can trust the wheels of this bike to stay productive at least for three years. And you will not find rust on the wheels even when you keep it in a moist environment.


The tires are important for every commute. If the tires become flat during the commute, then it will take time and effort to fix it. During which purpose of a commute become lost. That’s why tires must be kept on high-quality material.

The tires of this bike are made with dense rubber, which does not wither easily on the road. And it also does not allow anything to penetrate through. You can ride this bike easily on a beach, and never find its tire bursting. Moreover, this bike will make your daily commute hassle-free.


The brakes are the only component in the bike to safeguard the rider from collisions. If a brake system does not stop the bike instantly, then it is not a useful brake system.

The brakes of this bike are specially designed to halt the bike in an instant. You can test the efficiency of the brakes while applying them on a downhill road. Moreover, the brakes are disks brakes, which stops the wheel by joining the immovable axle plate with the movable wheel plate. As a result, the bike does not move forward even an inch.

Some versions of this bike also come without brakes. These versions are made only for beach activity.

Speeding options

This bike offers a single speeding option. You cannot change the speed by applying gears because there is only one gear. You have to put more effort into getting high speed. That’s why this bike will take your energy on the uphill.

Buying advice

If you are a lady and you need to run errands from the market, or you want a commute option in your neighborhood, then this bike might be the best option for you. It is affordable and stylish. And it goes with the style of women. You will not find any other bike that elegantly suits the personality of an urban woman.

Color options

This bike is available in more than ten colors. You can choose any color that goes with your personality and style. A common choice of women in pink. But this bike also looks good in light blue, light green, and mild yellow color. Other retail bikes do not have as many color options as this bike.

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  • The upsides are described below.
  • The design is elegant, ergonomic, and stylish. It goes with the personality of a lady.
  • It is lightweight than other retail bikes.
  • A lady has a lot of options while riding.
  • The handlebar is comfortable.
  • The tires are super flexible.
  • The downsides are described below.
  • The handle grips are rough. It can be made by a softer material.
  • It is an expensive bike. The price difference from other retail bikes is too high.
  • This bike does not have speeding options.
Last verdict

Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser bicycle is one remarkable, elegant, stylish, durable, and suitable bike for women. If you need to travel inside the city or on a beach, then this bike is a suitable option. It does not take much energy as compared to other retail bikes. You can also choose the color of this bike according to your style and personality. Moreover, it is perfect for a woman who needs to run errands from home to the market. But its cost is higher than other retail bikes.