Kent GZR700 Road Bike Review

The most known myth out there is that the road bikes are too expensive to experience. To get the best performing road bikes, you have to save a lot of money before moving to any road bike outlet and before looking at their price tag online.

If you are the person, who has the same misconception. Then don’t worry today after reading this Kent GZR700 Road Bike Review all of your misconceptions are going to be eliminated.

Kent impresses all of the road bikes lover after introducing their most amazing product named as “Kent GZR700 Road Bike“. No one knows, how much effort they have put to design it and to make it an outstanding option. But after experiencing the ride in this bike, you will automatically get impressed by the performance.

The model comes with the most affordable price tag, if you are planning to have this road bike for your transportation, then we guarantee you that it will not make any dent on your pocket.

The affordability is not the only thing that is forcing us to present it as the best option. The features that you get at such price are more compelling to us. Even, to make it the inexpensive road bike they have not compromised on the quality and the performance.

Kent GZR700 Road Bike Review

Instead of wasting more time, let’s start discussing the components of this road bike in more detail so that you can get an idea of what this product has to offer you and what are its limitations.


The frame is the main component of all the road bikes, frames construction and the material used in the frame should not be avoided while planning to have the best road bike.

The frame that has been used in its construction is made up of steel. Most of the manufacturer use the aluminum to make the bike lightweight and to avoid the rust. But they have gone with a different approach, and have used steel.

The usage of the steel translates into the solid construction of the Kent GZR700 road bike. You will hardly find its body to be damaged even after the usage of years and years. It will keep moving you to your destination for many next years, depends on how much you take care of it.


Even After using the steel frame they will not give you the chance to complain about the bulky weight. Like other aluminum framed bikes, the weight of this bike makes it easy to carry out at every place.

No matter what’s the route of your destination whether you have to go via the rocky route or from the plain track, it will get you there. In the unfavorable circumstances, you can even pick it up in the air due to the lightweight.


You will find out Shimano 21 Speed Shifting lever on the handlebar, which provides you the great access to different speeding options. You can push the cycles at the required speed according to the track you are going on.

This versatile option brings more flexibility for the bikers as they can easily keep moving as per their own desires. This shifting level is common in the premium bikes, but you will get access to this feature at the half price of those premium bikes.

This various speeding options also makes it the versatile option, whether you have the plain for the mountain riding or the plan of the hiking on the road bike, everything could be done on this road bike by adjusting the levers.


Obviously, no matter at what speed you are moving, you have to stop the moving wheels. Anything could come in front of you and you have to put the brake on for avoiding any unwanted situation.

That’s why they have introduced Alloy Caliper Brakes for encouraging you to even move in the fastest speed.

Alloy Caliper Brakes will suddenly stop the moving tires whenever you push the brake lever. Without considering the speed of your bike, the brakes will make your bike to stop. We are loving the breaks of this road bike just because of the smoothness and the noiseless breaking.

Design and Comfort

Even after being the affordable option, the design of Kent GZR700 is not inferior to the premium bikes. The body components placement and the finishing gives the great sense of the premium look.

The person can easily make the wrong guess about its price after the first sight at this bike until he doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge about the bikes.

Along with the design, comfort is also at its best. The sitting position has been taken into account before constructing it, that’s why you will never feel uncomfortable while riding this bike. The seat and the handle position helps you to keep riding with the best posture.

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The only limitations that we have noticed in this road bike is with the Speed shifters. They offer great variety but does their placement are too bad. That you have to completely gets your hands off the handle to use the shifting lever.

This placement is around 4 inches away from the handlebar which makes it risky to use shifter when you are at the maximum speed. Also makes it risky while you are going through the Rocky Mountains.

For using the shifters in above-mentioned situations, you have to be more attentive and careful to avoid any incident. For most of the folks, it’s the issue only in beginning After some rides you will okay with this.

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The affordable bikes are hard to find that provides this much versatility. Most of the inexpensive bikes are only suitable for specific tracks. But it can take you comfortably from any uncomfortable route. It is highly recommended for the affordability, performance and the sturdy construction. You must not avoid this bike if wants to have the best biking experience.
  • Wide range of gear shift
  • Alloy Caliper Brakes gives you full control over the bike
  • Solid Frame
  • Lightweight
  • The shifter can’t be accessed without putting your hands off the handlebar