Raleigh Merit 2 Review

Using Endurance Road bike is the most reliable way to commute. There are many endurance bikes available in the market, but they all are specifically designed from some particular terrains.

When we were trying to figure out the best options that can be used in a variety of terrains, we found many and Raleigh Merit 2 is one of them. This Road bike does not only ensures versatility but has many other features to offer you. Here in this, “Raleigh Merit 2 Review” we will explore all of them.

Raleigh is a brand that is serving from the last 129 years in the industry of road bikes. They knew all of the problems that are associated with different Road bikes and they are trying to eliminate all of them.

They are known for producing real quality bikes at a reasonable price. None of their bikes is overpriced, same is with Raleigh Merit 2 Road bike. It comes as the Mid-Range bike, with a lot of interesting features.

Raleigh Merit 2 Review 2021

The features that they are offering is almost similar to all the other premium bikes, but there is a big difference in the price tag.

So if you are looking for the featured rich bike, at the affordable price. Then this Raleigh Merit 2 Review is for you.

Let’s start exploring all of the features of this bike so that you can make an informed decision about this Road Bike.

Design and Material

The design is similar to other endurance bikes with little bit wider components. If you are a college student, you will be love to show off on this bike. If you are a working professional, you will also feel comfortable while paddling it towards your office. In other words, the appearance of the bike is just perfect.

The look matters but the Frame design for your comfortable riding and material are more crucial than the appearance.

The frame is made up of aluminum that makes it a lightweight bike, you can easily use it in your mountain rides too. Most importantly, the construction of the frame is sturdy. Aluminum bikes are not that much durable as steel bikes are. But if we talk about only aluminum bikes, then Raleigh Merit 2 road bike is the one that is far better than all other aluminum bikes.

Breaking down the frame of Raleigh Merit 2 Road bike is not an easy task. Durability is the feature that provokes all other road bikers to opt for this option.

Furthermore, the geometry design of Raleigh Merit 2 provides you the best sitting position. You can paddle it for your long journey too. And even after riding it for miles you will never feel pain in your back.

The handlebar is perfectly designed that you will be fairly sitting in upward position on it, and still can reach to the handle easily. Whether you need the bike for a longer journey, or for the short morning ride, Raleigh Merit 2 will be your companion.


If you are riding a bike without reliable brakes, it means you are putting your life in danger. The brakes are crucial either you are racing on the bike or commuting slowly from home to the office. Because anytime anything could happen.

Being the versatile bikes, you will also be using it for rough paths in mountains, there you will need to have reliable brakes for making your bike balanced.

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Although, once you got the Raleigh Merit 2, you don’t need to worry about these things at all. Because of its disc brakes. Although, the brakes are not hydraulic but still, have the powerful tire stopping capability. It will instantly stop the tires when you use the brakes. No matter, in what sort of weather you are riding, it will serve you every time.


Raleigh Merit 2 Road Bike featured Shimano Sora 9-speed Shifters that allows you to choose from 18 different speed options.

The wide range of speed options ensures that you will have the best biking experience. You don’t need to move with the constant speed anymore, change the speed as per your choice and taste.

You can easily speed up your bike without worrying about the accident because the reliable brakes will be there to help you out in any unfavorable situation.

The only problem with the shifters is that they changed slowly, that could cause some problems for you on the racing track. But if you want the smooth, comfortable and safest bike ride, then you can upgrade the shifters.

The shifters are above average for the normal usage, there is no need to upgrade them if you are planning to have this bike for daily routine commuting.


From the tire to the frame height, every component is wider relative to other road bikes. The height is around 52 cm and almost the person with the height of 5″ 6″ can comfortably sit over the bike.

For the shorter people, the seat can be adjusted but still, it is not suitable for shorter people. The heavier and the individuals with the taller legs can enjoy it more.

The tires are also wider and have a better grip on every sort of terrains. The wider tires ensure that you will not get stuck in any hole easily while moving through the rough terrains.

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Raleigh Merit 2 Road bike is for every Road bike lover, who is looking for a bike that provides the comfortable, reliable and safest paddling journey.

From all other Mid-Range bikes, it is far better but cannot be used for the race. If you want to use it for the professional race, then you have to do some modification in it. Specifically, it is designed by considering the beginner’s requirements. But you can go for this road bike, either you are a beginner or a professional.

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable brakes
  • Comfortable sitting position
  • Versatile
  • Wide range of speeding options
  • Shifters are slow