Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike Review

Roadmaster is the USA based company that is eagerly working to produce the affordable bikes so that road bike lovers don’t have to break the bank for riding the best performing bikes and to get the superb biking experience.

After analyzing all of Roadmaster bikes, we found it as the best bike that should be reviewed at first. So here, in the Sunday evening after riding the Roadmaster Granite peak for miles, I’m in front of the laptop screen to share what I feel about this 26 Mountain bike of the Granite peak range.

Here in this “Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike Review”, we will get to know all about this bike so that you can make the final purchase decision. The company has been in the cycling industry from last 10 years, that’s why they have more knowledge about the market, which led them to manufacture such an amazing bike.

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike Review

Let’s start exploring more about the Roadmaster granite peak for understanding why I’m glad after riding this bike.


The brand doesn’t want you to waste your hard-earned money. That’s why used the Geometric Steel Frame in the construction. After telling you the material that has been used in the frame. I don’t need to say anything more.

If you are the bike lover, you have already got the sign of the durability after knowing the frame material. The sturdy frame allows you to travel through any sort of the route and ensures you that the bike will not easily get damaged.

Along with the strong frame material, the most important thing that I like is the geometric shape of the Bike.

You will not get tired and will not feel any back pain even after traveling many miles. The shape of the bike has been designed by taking your posture into an account. When I was riding the bike, the bike does not give me even a single chance to complain about the sitting posture.


The bike that I’m reviewing has the standard wheel size of 26″ Inches. While riding the bike, you will feel a great level of stability. The bikes that come with the higher sized wheels are hard to balance and you have the more chances to lose the weight that can ultimately cause any unfavorable incident.

That’s why this bike is the perfect fit for the senior riders, the wheels are not larger and not even the smaller ones.

Another reason behind using the 26 Inches wheel is that the bike remains lightweight and the pushing the paddle becomes effortless. You can increase the speed of the bike without putting too much force on the pedals.

Relative to this, the bikes that come with the larger wheels are hard to balance and requires more effort to move the bike with the speed.

Can be Ride anywhere

Most of the affordable bikes can be used only on the specified kind of the route. But after testing it on different routes, I came across the fact that it can be a ride on every sort of the track. It will get you out of the paved path, Rocky Mountains and from the plain roads easily.

The reason behind this is the installation of the high-quality suspension. The installed suspension has the ability to bear very sort of the road. You will have a comfortable experience after riding this amazing mountain bike.

The suspension ensures you that you will have a safe and secure journey with this roadmaster granite peak bike.

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After experiencing the durability and the comfort of the traveling, I have decided to test the shifters ability and got amazed. Even after using its shifters, you will also wonder with the smoothness and the effectiveness of the shifters.

This bike comes with the SRAM Drive twist shifters, which could be found in almost every premium bike. But the roadmaster is providing you the same feature at the half price.

The shifting gears offer you different speed options that can be adjusted as per your desires and as per route requirements. We guarantee you that after riding this bike, using different shifting modes, you will never get the thought to replace this bike.

Most importantly, all of the other affordable bikes have the issue with the placement of the shifter. But that’s not the case with it. Shifters are placed at the angle and at the right position. You can easily assess them in every situation.


After getting the joy of using the shifters, you will definitely try to make it the rocket on the road. That’s where the break comes in to stop you.

The breaks that are incorporated in this bike allow you to move with as much speed as much you want because the breaks will deal with every speed easily.

Balancing the bike by breaking the bike is the common practice in the mountains. Its linear breaks will help you to control the bike effectively. And to keep the bike in balance. Moreover, relative to other brakes, setting up its liner break is fairly easy.

Strong performing brakes give a great sense of safety and security.

Who should buy this?

Roadmaster granite peak bike is the perfect fit for the entry-level bikers. Although, it also has the features that the professional bikers look for but has been designed by considering the non-professional individuals.

If you are the professional on the tight budget or the new biker who is just about to start with riding on the mountain, then you should not move on to any other bike.

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The bike is suitable for both the urban setting and for a mountain setting. You don’t have to plane the route before starting the ride. If you are the lover of the mountain biking and want to start with the mountain biking, then take it as the first consideration because it has all the feature that the bikers need.

The only issue of the brake can be overcome by replacing the default break with any other alternative. It is highly recommended for its durability, solid design, versatility, and for amazing shifters.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable journey
  • High-quality suspension
  • Solid design
  • Best performing brakes
  • Brakes need periodic adjustment