Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Review

Aging bodies requires more effort and great attention towards the exercise to be active and healthy. But with our age, the muscles also get older and weaker.

In such a case, adult cycles come to rescue us. Cycling will keep your body on the exercise track and keep your muscles getting the best food for better health. Although, trying to solve your aging exercise problem many companies started introducing Adult cycles.

But all of them will not serve you in a better way but either could cause you some issues that you don’t want to face. Here we are going to do “Schwinn Meridian Review” which proved itself to be the first priority for almost every old cyclist.

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Review 2021

Unlike other adult cycles, it is completely designed to help you in getting the job done with a great level of comfort. We don’t have to say a lot about this amazing product. The features will automatically compel you to fall in love with this product.

Although, there some limitations are also associated with this model. After reading this Schwinn Meridian detailed review you will come to know all about its pros and cons so that you can decide whether this product is designed for you or not.


Why should we have to wait for more? Let’s start discussing the features that Schwinn Meridian has to offer you.

Following are the most prominent and the best features that make it the top priority when it comes to the adult cycles.


The Construction is stronger one to make it the durable option. The Frame that has been used in its construction is of aluminum. You will not find it to be broken easily. Even after using the aluminum frame they succeed in making the lightweight bike. Due to the lightweight, you can easily stabilize the cycle to avoid any incident.

Moreover, you will find it to be the single-speed trike cycle. Still being the single speed trike cycle it will take you at the required destination easily without any delay. Because you will have full control over the speed. The only reason behind making it the single speed trike is to provide the ease of use to the prospects.

While you are moving with your full speed, the stopping brake is also essential. Obviously, you don’t want to get into every building or vehicle that is encountering you. Most trustworthy linear breaks are used to make you stop during the move.

To accommodate you for the long distance they have constructed it with the adjustable spring seat. You can easily adjust the seat as per your convenience along with this the spring suspension will make feel more comfortable.

Another amazing part of the construction is its fender and reflectors. Fenders are properly placed for bringing more comfort during cycling. And the reflectors will help keep you on the journey safely without any stop even in the dark night.


The frame that has been used in its construction is made up of aluminum, which makes it the durable tricycle. You don’t have to worry about the lifetime of the cycle. It will be along with you for the longest time. In the traditional cycles, it has a relatively more durable body.

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Handle Bars

The comfort is the most important thing while choosing adult tricycle. Imagine you have bought the cycle whose sitting position is so worst that you have to hunch over for controlling the handle. Obviously, you don’t want to ride the cycles in such a way at this age.

Schwinn Meridian Considered and design it with the swept-back style so that you can easily reach the handle with the proper position. In this way, you will not encounter any sort of the back pain and even your posture will not be affected.


The basket has the dimension of 23″ x 18.75″ x 18″ with the ability to carry out the object whose weight is around 50 pounds. In addition to this, the basket can be folded and can be unfolded at the time of the usage.

Mostly, you will be going on shopping or for grocery using this cycle. So the basket will be there to assist you in transporting your shopped things to the home.

Weight Capability

The adult bikes always can carry more weight as compared to the smaller cycles. The weight that this cycle can bear is around 300 pounds, which is more than enough. Usually, adults have a weight lesser than this capacity. So now you don’t have to worry it will carry you easily without producing any annoying sounds.


This amazing cycle comes with 2 options. You can either choose the tricycle with 24″ wheel or with 26″ wheel. This approach of the manufacturer makes it the perfect fit for almost every adult cyclist.

You can choose the right tricycle with the right wheel as per your height. The smaller cyclist should go with the 24” wheel so that they can easily reach the pedal and can sit comfortably to kick start their journey.

Although, for the taller cyclists 26″ inches would be a better option so that can have enough space for sitting comfortably.

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The cycle has great features to offer. Although it is designed like the traditional Adult cycles, in performance, it is far better than all of the other options. You will feel a great experience while riding on this. The comfort is the key feature that makes it the best option to avail. There are the limitations associated with this tricycle but all of them are not enough stronger to break the deal. The features and the experience associated with this model wins over the limitations. It is designed for those who believe in the philosophy of spending less & getting more.
  • Affordable
  • Stabilized design
  • Speed due to the best wheels
  • Durable frame
  • Aluminum could only the rest to make the home at this tricycle
  • Secure traveling
  • Not suitable for rough terrains