Tricycle for Adults

Tricycle for adults is a great option for riders because it’s easy yet comfortable to use. It has a large front wheel to handle the direction of the tricycle and two comparatively small back wheels. These back wheels help the rider maintaining balance, without worrying about falling as these wheels keep the tricycle stable. Rider just gets on the tricycle and starts paddling. While stopping, a rider can just push brakes and the tricycle stops without losing its balance and he can come off easily.

Building a tricycle is easy too. Tricycle has many detachable parts that are easy to dismantle and convenient to assemble. You just require a screwdriver and a ranch. Just put the frame together and add wheels to it. Seat comes separately and can be put on it without any hassle. Height of the seat can also be adjusted by loosening/tightening the screw with hands.

Key Features:

  • Maintains balance
  • Easy assembling and dismantling
  • Controllable speed
  • Gears for ease of ride
  • Lighter frame to be hanged or carried around
  • Comfortable spring cushioned seat
Since adult tricycle is designed for inexperienced riders, the speed is also limited as compared to a normal cycle. It can go up to 60 km/hr. This is the safe limit of the cycle but you can also go beyond this speed. A little care will be needed while crossing this speed limit as it can be dangerous to make a turn at this speed on tricycle.

Brakes are the most important part in all the vehicles. Brakes of tricycle should be placed near the hands of the riders which he can press without taking his hands off of the tricycle. Rear brake should be at the right side and the front one should be on the left because the right hand is good at reflexes than the left one. But if you want to change it, you can easily do that while assembling the tricycle.

Tricycle is designed for either toddlers, senior citizens or for persons with disabilities. As it provides stability and maintains balance, it can be used safely for all the categories of people. As toddlers are very inexperienced, there is always an option to buy tricycles with gears which helps you limit its speed. Even disabled persons can use gears to control the speed or make paddling easy for them.

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Parking of tricycle is also not an issue. You can have two options on it too. Either park the tricycle in the garage or fold it and hang it at a wall inside your home or just put the folded tricycle behind a couch or under a bed.

Well, if you want to add more comfort to already spring cushioned saddle/seat of the tricycle, you can attach a seat backrest to it as well. Along with comfort, back seat keeps rider up straight and gives more control over the vehicle. It helps to maintain the posture of the spine and keep the rider safe from the shocks of a bumpy ride.

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Tricycle is a fully equipped vehicle, a perfect combination of comfort and moveability. Some add-ons also make it more beautiful and attractive. For instance, an addition of a basket is way more convenient than it seems. It carries your stuff around without worrying to hang it on the handle. Toddlers can keep their toys in it while adults can keep essential things or their shopping items in it. This doesn’t add extra weight in tricycle and also does not affects your riding experience. Tricycle is an art for those who admire riding without worrying about balance, losing control and comfort.