Vilano shadow 2.0 review

Doing a little work before buying anything from the market not only saves you money but also helps to pick out the best product. After doing a lot of research, we have this Vilano shadow 2.0 review for you if you are wanting to purchase a road bike with incredible features at a knee-high price. Keep on reading this review to decide whether you should pick this bad boy up or not. So, without wasting more time, let’s start the review.

Vilano shadow 2.0 review 2021

There are some incredible features in the Vilano shadow 2.0 on offer. Let’s take a look at each feature to see how it’s one of the great road bikes out there in the market. Off we go:

Frame Sizes

The Vilano Shadow 2.0 comes in gets into the rat race in different shapes and sizes. Therefore this bad boy is available for a group of the bikers. There are three different frame sizes available including 49, 53 and 57 centimeters and these frames will meet the needs of the riders having a height between five and six and a half feet. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on your inside leg to make the most out of it. The double-butted 6160 aluminum frame paves the way for internal cable routing, rugged dependability, and lightness. A big in this regard is played by the high tensile steel fork that takes care of the weight dissemination without giving a push to the ride quality.


One of the most important thing that bikers fix their gaze on while buying a road bike is the weight of the bike. If we talk about the Vilano shadow 2.0, it’s super light. Yes, it surely is. And it’s due to the steel aluminum frame that makes it less weight and easy to control. It will work incredibly well for the bikers who want to ride it on uneven roads. With that, it’s super easy to lift it up and that’s something most of the bikers pin their hopes on. Be that as it may, there’s no cut back on the quality of the components being used as each component is muscular which means you can take on any kind of roads with great confidence.

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The Vilano Shadow 2.0 comes with CST 700c x 25c tires mounted on the CNC double-walled rims. It is worth mentioning that the tires that Vilano shadow 2.0 comes with are made to for the road and not for uneven terrains. The tires are enduring and perform magnificently on the road. With that, they have enough grip to put up with any hurdles on the road along the way. The slender tires allow you to flip around the corners without slowing the speed.


The Vilano shadow 2.0 is not parsimonious with its shifter either. In fact, the shifter does a great job. The Vilano shadow 2.0 is armed with a Shimano A070 STI shifter coupled with an integrated brake lever. The integrated lever enables you to keep control of the bike when you need to stop it. It’s important to note that the A070 shifter comes with other road bikes too, however, it will make you pay through the nose.

Brakes in the Shadow 2.0

The Shadow 2.0 is equipped with the caliper brakes which firmly press the rims for effectual slowing and stopping the bike when you want. You have nothing to worry about wrapping, shaking or loss of control while stopping your bike as the dual-pivot alloy clippers can easily take care of that. Moreover, the brake pads are used in such a way that the bike would be able to stop without jarring or bumping.

A well-thought design

The Shadow 2.0 makes use of an internal cable routing that gives it a good turn when it comes to the aerodynamics and the cockpit maneuverability. It also features drop handles that play a great part in keeping up with the speed and control while you are on the ride. Thanks to this product design, the bikers can put more confidence in it while challenging their riding skills. It’s not over yet. An adjustable seat is provided that can cater to the needs of everybody types. On top of that, we see that there are some handy parts available at affordable price.


There is no denying the fact that the rims sit in the catbird bird seat being the most important component of the wheelset. This is due to the reason that the rims play a very important role in presenting the tires with a place to mount and the brakes with a place to grip while you are on the road.

The Vilano shadow 2.0 is provided with the 700c double-walled CNC rims with allowing machined sides. The benefits these rims offer are thin on the ground as they help in aerodynamics and braking. In addition to that, the 700c diameter has a big part to play when it comes to the easy positioning and the operation of the tires plus fenders. And it still provides an ample room at the fork for the grime and mud to make their way without binding.

Giving the final touch to the rims, the wheels are mounted onto the CNC double-walled rims for greater handing and outstanding riding experience.

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Final Verdict

The Vilano has left no stone unturned in providing the riders with the utmost comfort and practicality throughout with its model the shadow 2.0. The Vilano Shadow 2.0 is something you should certainly invest in if you are shopping around for an entry-level road bike without paying through the nose. Its speed and control are things we sing praises for. With a lot of excellent features on the block, the shadow really delivers on the road.

Time for a question now. Are you going to pick this bad boy up for your next ride?

  • Affordable
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Free pedals are available
  • ​Utmost riding comfort
  • ​Fantastic entry-level road bike
  • Under-padded seat
  • Average quality pedals